About UsIntroduction


Nanjing Fobrite Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2006, is one of China’s leading figures in designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing water softener control valves. As a forerunner in this field in China, Fobrite has been granted more than 100 patents, both domestic and international. It has been awarded the ISO 9001 certificate and certified as “High-Tech Enterprise” of Jiangsu Province.

Focus: Since its inception, we have formulated a strategy to focus on the field of water softener control valves and make every effort to pursue specialization and perfection. Over the years, we have been steadfast to the strategy, and moved steadily forward. In an age when many enterprises are diversifying their business, we stick to our goal to focus on product research and development, striving to envision and grasp the future and promote our competitive edges in this field.

Devotion: We are always devoted to the needs of customers, providing them with the best solutions and programs. Behind this devotion is our sense of responsibility to customers, our in-depth understanding of technologies and our professionalism in this industry.   

Specialization: Fobrite has always been attentive to the latest developments and innovations in water softening. We understand that the heart and root of an enterprise’s growth is its key technologies, and we are also driven by our unwavering pursuit of new technologies and ideas.